Last Version: Kasha Security Module (KSM) v12.0 (14 February 2013)

Update v12.0 (February 2013):

- Support new bots/tools/clickers

- Support Windows 8 x32/x64

- Lastest Chronicle HF Pt5 supported

- Updated Api & Engine for our KashAuthD

Remember that all our updates since September 2011 arent published here, as many customer ask us

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Update v10.9 (9 September 2011):

- Support new bot L2Tower

Update v10.8 (15 August 2011):

- Support new L2 PacketX

- Support for new Bot L2Ext

- Improved new detection hook for new L2Walker, L2Phx, L2Net

- Minor bugs fixes for GF retail when gets minimized

Update v10.7 (June 2011):

- Better compression and protection for embeeed L2.exe (NOT avaible yet for Hellbound)

- Support for the Leaked Gracia Final Original Files

- Fixed for detect last L2Control version

- New sys driver x64 detection

Update v10.6 (April 2011):

- Embed ALL protection into L2.exe (this option ONLY for Interlude, GF and Freya)

- Optimized process ~ 35mb

- Checkup File-Name fixed for L2.exe

- AV File signed clear and undetected

- Bugs fixed that appeared on Windows 2000

- Debugger under compatibility mode Fixed

- Fixed a bug on 10.5 Working again on Mac OSX // Pararells Desktop 6 Support

- Improved L2Updater Detector for Launch the game

- Avaible new MD5 Hash Protection for your Launchers

Update v10.5 (8 February 2011):

- Fixed Proxifier Hook

- Added detection of hidden processes x64

- Encrypt and Encrypt Hardware ID fixed Bypass

Update v10.4 (December 2010):

- Bug fixed protecting dll files

- Improved unicode support (Thanks Fyyre)

- GUI improvements

Update v10.3 (25 November 2010):

- Fixed new L2net version

- Optimized search engine

- New hook for Zranger Detection

- Added some news Fishing Bots

Update v10.2 (21 October 2010):

- Fixed an Exploit at Thread 604

- Blocked new versions Zranger Bots

- Fixed Navicat Exploit

News v10.1 (3 September 2010):
We are delight to present to you tonight, our new update, that comes more optimized and fixing some important exploits found over the net; to bypass our protection.

- Full Support for GF+ & Freya

- Some new tools declared like 'Private' // Non Customers.

- New sys driver from Sandboxie and New* HideToolz.

- Now search Checkups need -20% resources.

- Search is done using Wild Mode.

- New hidden compile mode that prevents AV detection.

- Improved SysInternals Prevention.

- Prevent from new Proxifier and others mods.

- Minor bugs Fixed

News v9.8 (9 April 2010):
Finally we return back, more stronger like always! What we can find in this new update!?

- Full Support for NextDev Gracia-Final
- New KashaAuthD that was released at v9.7 HWID ban
feature, private for customers, see it working at: here
- Macro Expert Added
- New Potion User
- Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder
- TinnyTask and Tasker
-L2FisherBot & Pro Fisherman & PCP
- SetWindowsText randomly at Lineage Windows
and like always more features hide for our customers..


News v9.6 Alpha (26 January 2010):

In the first place,i wanna say thanks for all l2server owners that always trusts in our solution to protect his l2servers, i want to wish in this 2010 that Lineage still alive and getting more players from Eur.

About the news for the new version v9.6, its too early to release it, i want to finish some modules that some customers needs, but now i could show you, how its running this version.

Download Video 720p

Included a new hwid feature, that its calcuted without admin priviledges and in all WinOS, like this we can control and permanently ban, cheaters players by his own Hardware Machine.

Added new autoclickers blocked and cleared stuff from headers, for be stealth from ALL AVs.


Now The protection works under Mac OSX (10.6.2) + Pararells Desktop 5 + 3D3Fix and support the last Lineage Chronicle: Gracia Final Epilogue!



New v9.5 (December 2009):


-Now im working in Hardware Key feature for every client, we now can ban cheaters by HWID not Ip.. (Allows you to get unique machine fingerprint collected from CPU, HDD, BIOS, NIC)

-FileChange Date Feature

-New AutoCP (Rxxxxxx) Blocked

-New protection against memory dumpers

-Now L2.exe comes with full virtualization functionsrunning under Windows 7

-Include the new bot called L2Ranger

-New update for detect L2Net v377+*

-New file system detection against changes

v9.4RC2 (November 2009):
- New core protection and added some new apps like:
*4gay, *ASIRO WIN, *GameFuck, *iLoader, *L2 Short Key, *CRWalker
*Some Proxys and Tunneling Aplications
*Some Port Forwards and new Sniffers
*New Process Monitor
*New multiWin fixed
*Patcher v1.71 by Needle

v9.3RC2 (October 2009):
- Fix for last versions of L2Control
- New protection Thread against Stoppting
Note: Since 15th September the customers profile will be private and will not be posted in "Lastest Customers" Section.(Privacity)

v9.3 (September 2009):
- Some New Apps Added, and fixed some wrong apps ( ~ 140 )
- Added Block Keys Function in Keyboard blocking Insert,End and Home Keys!

v9.2 (August 2009):
- Fixed Windows change user Exploit
- Fixed IG Walker Bug
- Some minor bugs fixed

News: Now The protection support C4 to Gracia Final, added c4 support ***

v9.1 (July 2009):
- Some new tools like a new bot called L2 Swift,etc
- Fixed all version and sys driver from Sandboxie.
- Now process Checkups are every 300sec.
- Minor bugs Fixed

v9.0 (June 2009):
- New .Sys Driver Detection
- Server-Side AuthKey Checks (Logger in PHP)
- New hacktools (15more added!)
- Some minor fixed + more optimizated

Old News (May 2009)

- Screenshots Area is now avaible

All I have to thanks for Fyyre, for his assistance in the proyect,both in aid and for test this addon.

Some Fyyre Quotes: "I notice you PE Compat engine is smart idea, you cannot patch it on disk this way"

"I will try this more later. ATM will say this, I cannot simply run it in debugger and it its very rare that I cannot run anything in debugger,so far good job =)" Screenshot about this conversation

Kasha Security MoDULE - Extra INFO

- Awesome system optimization for every chronicle (6sec in load login windows)
- Some crc checks run-time
- Anti-Debugger Api
- File name starting protection
- DualBox Customization (1box,2..etc)(of course vm protection)
- Blocked execution in Virtual Machines (VMware,Virtual PC,Sandboxie,VirtualBox)
- Executed Process (All familiar hack/trick/bot/debuggers tools, updated every weeks, +/- 100 and growing
- External Files CRC checks (ex: systemsg-e.dat check or anothers..)
- Splash Lineage Windows Customizable
- Added vm functions from v8.5